You Want The New Trans Am? There Is Still Hope For You

Looking at the models in the Trans Am lineup it is hard to choose one that we like the most. But, one of the points when its popularity exploded and went through the roof was with the release of Smokey And The Bandit movie.

If you want new Trans Am we can offer you the closest thing to it. Modern Bandit that is developed by the Trans Am Depot that has the rights on the nameplate. It was a sad day when the GM decided to discontinue Pontiac, one of the true American brands that brought us both Trans Am and GTO. Legacy should force corporate minds to keep it up and running and with the introduction of the new model, we can show them that they were wrong and that there are a huge number of fans lining up to get one of these.

Burt Reynolds Bandit

You might say that this is yet another kit car, and you would be right but to be frank, we thought that also. After we saw it, sit in it and tested it on the road (abiding the road rules, of course) we changed our minds. On top of all this we can also add that the man, that is responsible for insane Bandit popularity, Burt Reynolds himself, approves this monster, what more do you need? Each and every car has been signed by Burt Reynolds have that in mind.

Look is changed but the iconic front segment is kept with minimal changes. Rest of the car is different but still when we take a look at it we can immediately say that it is a Bandit. Firebird is there on the hood, snowflake rims also, T-top included, closest to the icon, nothing to complain about.

New Bandit Interior

Is it good? Is it any better than the old car?

It’s hard to say but let’s take a look at what it offers. First of all, a reminder. The original had 6.6-liter V8 under the hood and in 1977 it produced 185 hp which even then was a little bit disappointing. If you need more power don’t worry, Trans Am Depot got you covered. Its 7.4-liter LSX V8 engine comes with 2.9-liter twin-screw supercharger and result of that is insane 840 hp. We can say that it is slightly better than the old version in this segment. It runs from 0 to 60 mph in about 3 seconds while the top speed is more than 200 mph. More than enough for us and all that packed in recognizable but modern Bandit body.

Bandit Side

There are few things that we do not like about this new Trans Am. Besides that it is a kit car, but flawlessly done we need to say, it comes with only 77 units. Limited series also means that it will have a slightly higher price and when we say slightly higher we mean to say $115,000. Pricey, yes we know. It is based on Camaro, like some of the older models were but it beats it in every segment.

What do you think about this new Bandit? Would you drive it?


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