2016 Nissan Leaf Price And Changes

Even though competition works day in, day out, Nissan has faith in their compact hatchback electric vehicle. That’s why next-gen is not yet in the cards and 2016 Nissan Leaf will be largely carried over. This, 100 percent pure electric car never had internal combustion engine under its hood. In fact, there’s only electric motor there, while battery pack is found below the rear seat.

Now, this large, 24 kWh lithium-ion battery pack sends electricity to front wheels where 107-horsepower electric motor does the rest. Regenerative braking is also included, hence motor serves as generator too. Thanks to all this, 2016 Nissan Leaf exhibits some very good mileage figures and offers quiet cabin and pleasant drive. Performance segment could be better, 0 to 60 time in around 10 seconds doesn’t seem promising, but Leaf doesn’t have a transmission changer and it wasn’t made for speed, that’s for certain.

Changes ForĀ 2016 Nissan Leaf

Design carries over without any changes. Neat and sleek hatchback features a toned-down nose and upswept windshield which are in perfect harmony. Huge headlamps stretch across the whole nose, and instead of grille, 2016 Nissan Leaf gets a charging deck just behind the badge. Rear end is somewhat awkward thanks to angled tailgate and heavy bumper. Rear fenders are quite large, and tail-lights are strategically positioned between all the mentioned features. They stretch all the way to the roof-mounted spoiler and further add to Leaf’s unconventional design. However, Leaf is everything but conventional vehicle, thus this kind of styling goes well with it.

2016 Nissan Leaf Side

2016 Nissan Leaf Side


Interior is neat and tidy. There’s enough room for five, but don’t expect all five passengers to be adults. They could be, but they won’t exactly have the time of their life, cramped on that back seat. There are three trim levels in total: S, SV and SL. Entry-level models don’t get much to go with them, and come with cloth seats and devoid of advanced infotainment display. Upper grade adds 7-inch QVGA color monitor and partially recycled cloth upholstery, while top models benefit from leather-appointed seats and some advanced features like HomeLink universal transceiver. Otherwise, they are pretty much on par with mid-trim and offer hands-free text messaging assistant, auto-dimming rearview mirror, Pandora radio and six or optional seven speakers. Safety features include electronic brake-force distribution, braking assist, pedestrian-alert and rearview camera with optional surround-view upgrade.

2016 Nissan Leaf Price

The 2016 Nissan Leaf main strength comes from its fuel savings. Well, considering that it doesn’t use fuel at all (and doesn’t emit anything), this comes as a no-brainer. 115 MPGe are the biggest figures currently seen, and 84 all-electric miles are great as well. It takes around four hours to fully charge Leaf’s depleted battery with 240 V outlet and 6.6-kilowatt onboard charger. Otherwise, 110 V outlet and 3.3-kilowatt charger take as much as 20 hours. About $29,500 is enough to get you entry-level model, while top, SL models cost at least $35,500 these prices are without incentives and rebates that are offered in many countries.

2016 Nissan Leaf Interior

2016 Nissan Leaf Interior


One of the things that have been in semi rumor semi-official mill is the upgrade of the battery pack for the 2016 Nissan Leaf model. We could hear that for higher trim models Nissan will offer 30 kWh battery pack and as a result it will be able to offer more range. Some expectations suggest that range will go up from 84 miles to 105 miles which is a nice improvement.

Nissan Leaf Back

Nissan Leaf Back


The 2016 Nissan Leaf is still young and fresh car, but it will have to be updated sooner, rather than later. We’ll most likely see new models in couple of years and until then, current models will have to do the trick. Still, they do a great job anyway, especially if you need a reliable commuter with exceptional money savings. Completely overhauled Leaf is expected as 2017th model and from few sources we could hear that Nissan is preparing this vehicle to offer 245 miles per single charge. It is a huge increase so we need to suggest caution and for everyone to wait and see if this will really happen.

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