2016 Mercedes GLK Specs And Redesign

While the previous model of the GLK was a car that had its own platform and because of this there was a limited choice of engines, the new 2016 Mercedes GLK is going to be based on the underpinnings of the upcoming Mercedes C Class which means it will not only feature a higher number of engines but it will also be available with rear wheel drive for the high performance models as well as for all the others.

As a support that this car will be redesigned we have received few spy photos of the heavily camouflaged GLK. The new model is expected to be released on the market somewhere at the end of 2015 which should be in line with the rest of Mercedes’ range. The base model will probably cost around $38,000 to $39,000 which is pretty much the same price as before while the top of the range model shouldn’t cost more than $70,000.


2016 Mercedes GLK Side

2016 Mercedes GLK Side

Because the car still is in its prototype phase there are no real pictures of it without any camouflage. We can expect it though to resemble quite a bit the C Class as well as the current ML. The car will have big front lights as well as a big grille that should give it quite a stance while the big 18 inch base wheels should make it more imposing. Both the headlights and the tail lights will feature LED as standard while the higher end models should have Xenon as standard as well.

2016 Mercedes GLK Specs

Engine wise, the car should get a new pair of engines. The base will probably be the same engine that powers the CLA, so a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 while the more powerful versions will get a 3.0 liter twin turbo V6 that will easily hit the 300 horsepower mark. Also, AMG announced that in the future there will be an AMG GLK that will most likely feature either an naturally aspirated V8 or a tweaked twin turbo V6. Any of these two should be able to put out at least 400 horsepower which should give it quite great performance.

Release Date

For the European market the 2016 Mercedes GLK will come with diesel units also but that will hardly happen in the U.S. It would be great to see 3.0 liter V6 turbocharged diesel and similar models delivered since they offer decent amount of power with plenty of torque and significantly lower fuel consumption.

2016 Mercedes GLK Back

2016 Mercedes GLK Back


Just as with the previous models, the standard gearbox will be the 7 speed automatic while the more powerful versions should get a 9 speed automatic with a manual mode. The latter one is also found on other luxury models from Mercedes. Power will be sent to the rear wheels on all models with an optional 4 Matic all-wheel drive system! If you want four wheel drive or 4MATIC as Mercedes calls it than you will need to add about $2,000 on the base price of the 2016 Mercedes GLK.

Redesigned 2016 Mercedes GLK

The interior of the 2016 Mercedes GLK is going to be great and considering the fact that it competes with cars such as the Q5 and the X3 we can expect nothing but quality. There will be leather as standard, satellite navigation and climate control while options should include commodities like a dual zone climate control, an infotainment system, electric rear seats with a reclining system and also a massive moon-roof that will give you a better view of the sky.

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Image source: KGPphotography and Car And Driver

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