2016 Lincoln Continental Price And Specs

The Lincoln Company is a part of the Ford and represents the luxury division that delivers most of their cars to the North America. Latest reports suggest that the 2016 Lincoln Continental could be again offered to the market and we are quite excited to see another iconic model brought back to life.

Even these are only rumors we are eager to find out more about this car. One of the main goals of this car company is to bring mass market car that will offer high level of luxury like it was the case with previous models. Images that we have represent the concept that was revealed few years ago and we do expect it to be one of the starting points in creation of the 2016 Lincoln Continental.


2016 Lincoln Continental

2016 Lincoln Continental

The design of the 2016 Lincoln Continental has been improved to make it one of a kind. The exterior design will not offer many changes from previous concept. The car will have a new bumper at the back and a muscle grille. Since this is the luxury car it is important to offer it with elegant and refined stance while the design needs to remind us on all those great things we are used to get from Lincoln.

Specs Of 2016 Lincoln Continental

Without a doubt the interior is the one of those segments that will receive most changes when compared to previous versions and concept model. The steering wheel and the seats are wrapped up in finest leather and will accommodate all passengers in perfect comfort. The car has LED lighting that makes the car nicer and interior more pleasant place to be. The new model also has a active noise cancelation system to filter out unnecessary noises so expect it to be one of the best in this segment. Plenty of hi-tech features is offered so we do know that it will bring touch screen navigation system and a state of the art entertainment system but the most attention will be dedicated to the rear seat since most people that buy this car will spend more time in that part of the car.

Lincoln Continental Side

Lincoln Continental Side


The engine lineup that will be offered in the 2016 Lincoln Continental is said to be more advanced than in the previous models. The engine lineup is said to offer from 300 all the way up to 420 hp and all that power will be transferred through an automatic 6 speed and 4 wheel drive system that will give it great performances and good acceleration. There are few candidates that could be in the engine lineup and those include naturally aspirated 3.6 liter V6 of about 305 hp but also the most powerful 3.6 liter V6 EcoBoost that pumps out up to 380 hp but could be further upgraded to offer even more power and better fuel economy. Smaller EcoBoost units are also things that we could see here and both 2.3 liter I4 and 2.7 liter V6 can offer 300 hp and more.


2016 Lincoln Continental Interior

2016 Lincoln Continental Interior

The 2016 Lincoln Continental will be an ultra-modern car that is designed to offer gorgeous and elegant look and have a powerful engine as compared to that of its predecessors. Safety features are on the highest level thankfully to the extra safety air bags. These features are quite important to drivers that need vehicles like this. With plenty of space for the back seat passengers it will certainly manage to comply with needs of most drivers.

2016 Lincoln Continental Price

There has been no specific price put on the new model however, speculations are that the price will be higher than the previous versions. This means that it will cost anything more than $60,000. However, since there is more time to add extra features on the 2016 Lincoln Continental, the car may cost even higher up to $100,000 by the time of its introduction. It is set for release during the next year, most likely October of 2015th.

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