2016 Honda S2000 Price And Review

The Honda S2000 was a roadster coupe, which had a great run from 1999 to 2009, when it was discontinued and Honda was left without a proper sporty car. Fortunately for the Honda race car fans, in the next couple of years, the Japanese automaker will revive its sporty icons and the 2016 Honda S2000 is one of the models that will be returned to the market.

We could hear rumors, see images and get many details about the NSX but we are still short abotu many things regarding the S2000 which will be a part of a new sports car lineup, together with the subcompact S660 roadster. The 2016 Honda S2000 will be placed in the middle of this new Honda’s line and it will honorably represent its predecessor.


2016 Honda S2000

2016 Honda S2000

As far as the exterior of the 2016 Honda S2000 is concerned, it will be a full-bodied regular coupe, with a 2+2 seat configuration. The smooth lines of the previous model will be present, but unlike the new NSX’s sharp edges, the S2000 will come quite curvy, and it will come in standard size with the cut back end, and corresponding nose length. The low S2000 will have chrome stripes that will highlight its grille and lower air intake. On both the front and the back end, there will be rounded-off lights, while at the back it comes with circular exhaust pipes and a spoiler finish.

Review Of 2016 Honda S2000

When it comes to the interior, it will be a slight downgrade, compared to the previous models, because the older generations were convertibles, which offered plenty of headroom for the tight back seats, but the coupe shape will not come with such commodity. As far as the rest of the interior goes, Honda will use modern materials and live colors for its sports car and leather seats with contrasting red stitching can be expected. Furthermore, the dashboard will follow the exterior design and will be curved, with circular air vents and a touch screen display with standard navigation among other features. The audio system will provide a high-quality sound, while other features will include Bluetooth streaming and USB ports. The 2016 Honda S2000 will also be equipped with the 4G LTE connectivity.

Honda S2000 Back

Honda S2000 Back


The most interesting thing in a sports car is definitely the engine, and the S2000’s front engine-RWD configuration won’t be carried over, instead, the 2016 Honda S2000 will be a mid-engine vehicle. As far as the engine is concerned, it will come with a 4-cylinder unit, but it is still uncertain which one of 4-cylinders it will get. There are some rumors that claim that it will be the 2.0 l turbo, combined with an electric motor, and paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. This combination should be able to generate more than 350 hp and give the 2016 S2000 the well-known roaring engine sound. This has not been confirmed for now, but a sporty hybrid with a competitive price is something that many of the S2000’s fans would like to see.

2016 Honda S2000 Price

When it comes to the price, we can freely say that predicting the amount of money needed for buying the 2016 Honda S2000 is still a wild guess, but on the other hand, Honda will come out with a few more models, by which to adjust the price. Expect it to range from $35,000 to $40,000 which seems quite reasonable and more than competitive.

2016 Honda S2000 Interior

2016 Honda S2000 Interior

Release Date

Exact release date has not yet been confirmed but we do expect this new model to be offered before the end of this year. Most likely, the 2016 Honda S2000 it will be released in the last few months of 2015th. Most important for Honda is to bring powerful engine that will be able to back up the aggressive look of the exterior and to pack all this in affordable vehicle.

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