2016 Honda CR-V Changes And Specs

While still enjoying the fruits of the third generation, Honda CR-V is now preparing for the next model that will be branded as 2016 Honda CR-V. Having left huge sale records over the few years of existence, this compact SUV is expected to come to the market with no significant upgrades.

This starts from the exterior to the interior and finally to the engine. However, as per the accessible info, the company has not confirmed the main details of the expected car but proved to be ready to make it a SUV to reckon. We might get few changes in the equipment department with slightly more optional equipment as a standard but that is it. After the recent redesign and generation switch was implemented the there are no reasons for the 2016 Honda CR-V to be significantly changed.

2016 Honda CR-V

2016 Honda CR-V


As for the exterior, the automaker has no plans to change anything significant with the 2016 Honda CR-V. Comparing it with previous generation exterior and entire vehicle bring reduced body weight, different top bumper, new and more aggressive grille, brilliant headlights, a brand new tailgate as well as 17-inch blended wheels. On the rear, the SUV is expected to be offered with a different trunk door that will allow easier load of cargo. There is no doubt that Honda made a huge leap even the base form remained pretty much same.

2016 Honda CR-V Changes

In the process of making the interior more comfortable, steadfast and more effective, Honda has laid new strategies of redesigning it for new generation. In general, the interior room will be more beautiful and stylish since it is obtained from finer materials. Both the rear and front seats have been wrapped in quality leather materials and are stronger with steel support as a base. Among other highlights on the interior it includes heated rear seats, modernized dashboard, a seven inch touch screen, control and navigation systems, 8 cup holders as well as a rearview mirror camera. Talking of the available space, headroom, legroom, cargo space and shoulder room has been increased.

2016 Honda CR-V Engine

2016 Honda CR-V Engine


To allow customers choose as per their desires, Honda will bring few engine options for their 2016 Honda CR-V. Even there are few engines in the lineup we can say that only the 2.4 liter I4 version will be offered for the U.S. market. This unit pumps out 190 hp and is decent enough for this model. Many potential buyers on the U.S. market crave for the efficient and decently powered diesel units but again those will not come to the U.S.

Specs Of 2016 Honda CR-V

Other units that will be provided for markets outside U.S. include 2.0 L i-VTEC generating 155 horsepower and 192 Nm torque. The next option is the 1.6 L i-DTEC diesel unit powering 118 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. Another suggested option is the 2.2 liter i-DTEC delivering 150 horsepower and 349 Nm torque. The recommended transmission for all of these engines is the modern dual-clutch or CVT gearbox. Power will be transferred to front wheel but optionally on some models you can opt for the all-wheel drive. The efficiency of the engines is expected to be a bit better when compared to the last model. One of the things that we were able to see from Honda recently is the high power 1.6 liter diesel unit with 160 hp, and even we think that it will not come with the 2016 Honda CR-V we can only hope that this unit will be included in one of the future models.

Honda CR-V Back

Honda CR-V Back

Release Date

Still, the exact price for the new 2016 Honda CR-V is a secret but we can guess it since it will be mostly a carryover from 2015. Base price was $23,320 and it is expected to remain same or to be slightly higher. The arrival time is as well not known but the expectations of most fans are that it will be available before the end of 2015th and most likely during the summer of the next year. This represents one quite heavy upgrade and Honda needs to plan its delivery so it could come perfectly.

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