2016 Ford Fusion Price And Review

The Fusion was one of the most interesting cars of 2012 with that Aston Martin look and the general good package it offered but it surely fell from the top of the list mostly because all the major manufacturers started to roll out new versions of their cars quite soon after it. Because of this they had to push ahead the launch of the upgraded version, the 2016 Ford Fusion, this happens almost a year ahead of schedule.

There have already been sightings of a prototype of the Fusion in the wild so the actual production model is quite close of being released. This might come as early as the late 2015 or early 2016 while the car might come on the market by the end of 2016 or even in the mid of the year. When original model from this generation launched few years ago it attracted large amount of attention, with new version this will again happen, we are pretty sure about it.

2016 Ford Fusion Price

It hasn’t been fully defined just yet but the new Fusion is likely to feature improvements under the hood as well as a slightly updated interior. On top of that the exterior of the car will most likely see a massive update over the previous model, update which is meant to make it once again one of the more interesting cars in its class. The expected base price is nearly $23,000 while the high end versions of 2016 Ford Fusion such as the plug-in hybrid could go up to around $35,000 which is still a great price for a mid-size sedan.


2016 Ford Fusion Side

2016 Ford Fusion Side

Just as we said, on the interior of the 2016 Ford Fusion we are going to see quite a few changes which are mostly meant to make the driver’s life easier. The center console is going to receive a new 8 inch screen for the infotainment system as standard which is quite a nice improvement over the older unit as well as a new Android operating system. This will not only allow higher level of customization of the unit but it will also be quite a bit easier to use. The general equipment level will remain unchanged but the materials are going to be slightly improved with softer materials on the doors and on the dashboard as well as a better upholstery on the base car.


2016 Ford Fusion Interior

2016 Ford Fusion Interior

The exterior is also going to change slightly over the previous model, but we don’t know just how for now. However, considering how the current Ford models are evolving, we expect it to get a revamped front end with slimmer headlights, a more aggressive honeycomb grille as well as bigger wheels for the base S model. On top of that, the Fusion might finally receive a high performance version which would include a new body-kit as well as 20 inch wheels with high performance tires. This would most likely be marketed as the 2016 Ford Fusion ST and it would only be available for a limited amount of time. Because of the popularity of Fusion and its great looks we do not expect to see any revolutionary upgrades. At this moment best selling is the SE trim level that is available for slightly above $24,000.

Review Of 2016 Ford Fusion

Engine wise, the 2016 Ford Fusion will likely carry over the same engines that were on the previous generation. However, the base 2.5 liter unit will likely be replaced with a smaller but equally powerful 1.5 liter EcoBoost. On top of that, the current 6 speed transmission will most likely be replaced with Ford’s all-new 9 speed automatic which has been in development for quite some time already. The hybrid models will also see an update in the form of a new, denser battery pack that will be around 20% lighter as well as it will have 10% more capacity.


Ford Fusion Back

Ford Fusion Back

The presumed Fusion ST on the other hand would most likely make use of Ford’s all new 2.3 liter EcoBoost as well as a new 6 speed automatic transmission with a four wheel drive system, powertrain which was also used on the Focus RS. This would make the Fusion one of the fastest cars in its class and it would also allow Ford to better compete with its future competitors. We do not have official figures for the 2016 Ford Fusion ST model but 320 hp and more is expected.

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