2016 Acura MDX Review And Changes

The current generation of the Acura MDX has been around since the early 2014 so it is quite a new model despite Acura gave it a mid-life update already. This 2016 Acura MDX is an improved version of the earlier model which includes new technologies, a more fuel efficient engine thanks to an improved variable valve control system as well as a new transmission which has been expected for quite some time. While it isn’t the best car in its class it is definitely one of the better choices because its value for money is quite high.

On top of that, the base price for an MDX is only $42,865 while most of its other competitors are going for a lot more than that. This allowed it to secure itself a top spot in its class. This 2016 model has been released a few weeks back and it is expected to go on sale by the mid of 2015th when it will be launched alongside a few other new models from Acura.


2016 Acura MDX Back

2016 Acura MDX Back

While the car looks mostly the same as the older generation, Acura did bring improvements to the underside of the car. It now has a new suspension system which doesn’t have auto-leveling in the standard form anymore, but it should be around 100 pounds lighter and much better in terms of comfort. This should also make it a bit more fuel efficient than before while handling should benefit this weight reduction.

2016 Acura MDX Review

On the interior most things remained unchanged from the previous generation, so the 2016 Acura MDX only received mild improvements, mostly in the electronics department. It now comes as standard with an adaptive cruise control system which should keep the car in lane and at the desired speed without any kind of corrections from driver. As an option there are going to be an automatic parking system as well as parking sensors, all of which should make city life a whole lot easier. The base car still comes with all the usual amenities such as satellite navigation, dual zone automatic climate control system, leather upholstery and the most important of them all, seven standard seats, the main selling point of the car.


2016 Acura MDX Interior

2016 Acura MDX Interior

Its exterior on the other hand remained virtually identical to the 2014 model with no visible differences whatsoever. Acura did work on the car’s stance so it now sits a bit higher than before and there are two new sets of wheels from which the buyer will be able to choose. At the back there is the same exhaust system as before with the same big LED tail lights that give it that distinctive Acura look.

Changes For 2016 Acura MDX

Under the hood of the 2016 Acura MDX there is the same engine but a completely different transmission. The naturally aspirated 3.5 liter V6 is good for up to 290 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque which is more than enough to make it feel adequate in any situation. The engine is then mated to a new 9 speed automatic transmission which is not only a lot smoother than before but also quite a bit faster, meaning it will be able to keep the engine at the optimum revs for longer which translates in a better fuel consumption and also better performance. The front wheel drive model of the car is likely going to get around 20 MPG in the city and as much as 27 MPG on the highway which for a car this size is quite good. When we add the all-wheel drive system it will drop these numbers for about one point which is not a big deal.

Acura MDX

Acura MDX


In the future, the MDX might finally receive a hybrid powertrain with a 2 liter turbocharged engine and an electric motor which could offer as much as the current V6 powertrain but with a much better fuel consumption thanks to the integrated battery and regenerative systems on the car. This is only in rumors at this point and we are not sure if this will be offered with the 2016 Acura MDX model but if Acura wants to attract more buyers this could be the next logical step.

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