2015 Tesla Model S Price And Changes

Tesla has always been leading the market for electric cars. This trend started with the introduction of their Roadster model. After the discontinuation of that car, they released the S model and this was the first four door saloon that had the performance of the Porsche Panamera but with electric powertrain only and it is now time for the 2015 Tesla Model S to be introduced to the market.

The 2015 Tesla Model S is going to be an even better version of an already good model. It will boast the same motors as before but this time with a slightly different battery pack option. This means it will be able to travel a little further and thanks to that you will be able to do your daily commute and a bit more without worrying that you’ll be out of electricity in the middle of nowhere.

2015 Tesla Model S Price

Price hasn’t been set for the new model but because the technology advanced quite a bit since the introduction of the first model in 2012, there are reports that it will cost around 10 to 15% less without sacrificing interior space or comfort. Price reduction has been only a rumor and we could see it with some future versions and not the 2015th version so it will remain on pretty much the same level. Base goes for about $70,000 before incentives and refunds that depend from state to state. The car will be released at the start of 2015 along the new Model X.

2015 Tesla Model S

2015 Tesla Model S


Electric motor wise, the car will have the same electric motor on the rear axle. It will be able to put out as much as 450 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque but these numbers are highly dependent on the type of battery you choose. For example, the smallest battery pack in 2015 Tesla Model S will give you as much as 310 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque while the bigger one will come with two power outputs in the middle will provide around 340 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. The biggest battery pack in combination with performance upgrades will be good though for up to 440 horsepower (or a bit more with an overboost function) and 610 lb-ft of torque which is nearly 10% better than the previous generation.

2015 Tesla Model S Side

2015 Tesla Model S Side


Battery pack capacity ranges from 60 kWh for the cheapest model up to as much as 85 kWh for the middle and the most powerful ones. The autonomy of the car ranges from around 200 miles with the smallest batter pack up to 260 miles with the 85 kWh one. Electricity consumption on the other hand ranges quite differently. You would expect fromthe most powerful option to use the most amount of power but this isn’t true. It actually uses the least amount at around 98 MPGe (equivalent MPG) which is a class leading number.

Changes For 2015 Tesla Model S

The interior of the 2015 Tesla Model S is quite unique. The car offers seating for 5 adults in the main cabin and 2 kids in the trunk. The seats here are oriented in the other way, so these passengers face the back of the car. Optionally, you can choose to remove these seats and get access both to the trunk and to the front trunk or how Tesla calls it, a “frunk”. Standard equipment include a 17 inch tablet like screen that will let you access all of the car’s functions like the climate control, satellite navigation or even the seat heating. Without a doubt this is one highly luxurious vehicle that can compete with luxury sedans that are not powered with electric motors.


Tesla Model S Back

Tesla Model S Back

Design wise it won’t be much different than the current generation. The only visible change will be the wheels which will receive a new design in order to differentiate itself from the rest of the cars in its class. After the release that should happen in the next few months we will bring the definite conclusion about changes and improvements that will be offered with 2015 Tesla Model S.

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