2015 Mercedes C Class Price And Review

The German’s who are well known for their perfection habits are back with the 2015 Mercedes C Class and as usual the luxury car maker’s model has been received with a lot of speculation and equal anticipation. With more and more clients starting to pay attention to the things that previously did not matter like the carbon emission, it is worth seeing what this legendary automaker has in store for their clients with their latest model.

One thing however is expected to be a constant in this car and those is the luxury finish and feel not to mention the perfection that comes with every line of Mercedes. Without a doubt this is one of the best car makers when it comes to luxury and comfort of their vehicles.

2015 Mercedes C Class

2015 Mercedes C Class


Under the hood the 2015 Mercedes C Class we have the gasoline units that produce from 156 to 238 hp when it comes to four cylinder units and the more powerful V6 unit pumps out 333 hp. What is most important is that these engines have fuel economy improvements of up to 20% compared to previous versions. Another option is the hybrid but at this moment we still do not have any details about the combination of powertrains that it will offer.

Review Of 2015 Mercedes C Class

Among the things that we certainly would like to see on the U.S. market are the diesel units and biggest change here is that Mercedes plans to launch this car with small 1.6 liter turbocharged diesel engine that will produce 115 or 136 hp depending on the tune. More power is offered with larger 2.2 liter four cylinder diesel that can pump out up to 204 hp which should be enough for many drivers. When it comes to transmission in either of the cars is the same seven speeds automatic that can be controlled by paddle shifters that are standard.

Mercedes C Class Back

Mercedes C Class Back


Like you would expect, the interior of 2015 Mercedes C Class is a sight to behold and one that you can’t compete with. However, with this one Mercedes went on to make a number of adjustments to the interior and it is worth noting that they rightfully did so and nailed it. The vents are rounded to allow for precise delivery of air and the seat controls have been moved to the door for easier access. The seats and the inside has been finished in leather that offers the most luxurious and comfortable feeling possible. It also comes with a number of safety systems like the airbags and a navigation system even though this looks like kind of an afterthought but the important thing is that it is there and it is functional.

Release Date

2015 Mercedes C Class Side

2015 Mercedes C Class Side

The car has a lot going for it on the exterior but can all be summed up in two words. Stunning and astounding. The front has the grille with the Mercedes emblem and the sides have three creases each at a different height that give the car a seeming speedy look though it is worth mentioning that it does particularly well on speed as well. The headlights have been added the LED accents and the back looks just as impressive as the rest of the car.

2015 Mercedes C Class Price

To drive off with this one of a kind 2015 Mercedes C Class you may have to cough up a minimum of about $39,000 for the C300 up to a maximum of $49,500 for the top most trim of the C400. However, you can be guaranteed that you will be getting a worthy buy and one that you will forever grateful that you got to experience. Release date is still not official but we do expect to see this car during November of this year.

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