2015 Mazda CX5 Review And Price

If you’re looking for a four door SUV that is able to seat five people and goes easy on your pocket, then there is a chance that finally Mazda could has the answer that you have been seeking for in the form of 2015 Mazda CX5 which also could be the answer to the prayer that they have been for so long reciting. With that said, here is an in depth analysis of why this car could fit not only in the budget but also the taste of many customers to be.

As usual, this is the most interesting place for a lot of potential buyers and such it is always a good place to start. There are only two engines that are available for this car and those are depending on the upgrades that you want with it. However, the basic model comes with a 2.0 liter, 4 inline cylinders which is then mated to a six speed manual transmission with an all front wheel drive train. This unit offers 155 hp and is quite efficient managing an impressive 26 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highway. It also can be taken with all-wheel drive and automatic transmission as options.


2015 Mazda CX5

2015 Mazda CX5

Second option for the 2015 Mazda CX5 when it comes to the engine lineup is the slightly larger and more powerful 2.5 liter four cylinder unit. This powerplant pumps out healthy 184 hp which will be enough for most drivers of this vehicle but expect to see drop for few mpg’s when CX5 comes equipped with this engine.

Review Of 2015 Mazda CX5

There is an impressive array of features in the interior though there are some that are missing and that most potential buyers might find quite disappointing among those is the navigation system. However, the car has Bluetooth and heated seats to cater to the comforts of the occupants as well as four speakers stereo. The back seat has a lot of leg and head room that allows for comfort ride and also eases of movement not to mention that the car also has sufficient cargo space for cars in the same class. This way one can get to carry not only their family but also a number of items for camping and similar.


Mazda CX5 Side

Mazda CX5 Side

Appeal is very important in the car industry and that is why the exterior design of a car becomes very important. The front of this new model is dominated by a black coated grille that gives the car its sporty look as well as the Mazda emblem at the center. There are also some creases on the either of the front doors that are designed to give the 2015 Mazda cx5 a more appealing look rather than an aerodynamic advantage. The headlights are slightly pulled to the rear to give the car a speed and aggressive like look even though speed is not one of its strongest attributes.

2015 Mazda CX5 Back

2015 Mazda CX5 Back

Release Date

The good news here is that the car has already been released and that you can buy it. Since this currently available model was offered as 2013 model it is quite obvious that there will be no major changes for the 2015th model. Redesign and a face lifted version could be offered in the next couple years when we will get more changes and improvements.

2015 Mazda CX5 Price

As for the price, this is largely dictated by the trim of the car that you would like to purchase but typically the price ranges between $21,545 for a base version with 2.0 liter engine and manual transmission. Those that want to take top of the line model, Grand Touring AWD version will need to pay $29,220.

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