2015 Ford Fusion Review And Changes

The 2015 Ford Fusion is going to be a car that will offer all the comfort you need and a bit extra for not that much money. The car is actually based on the European Mondeo, so expect it to drive great on the twisty canyon roads. Considering these, this model is a completely different from the current version being smaller, more fuel efficient and also offering a completely different engine choice.

Its interior is also quite a bit different from what we were getting from previous Fusion being similar to that of the Mondeo. It has more room in the front and more equipment in the standard model. Unfortunately space at the back is quite lacking and trying to squeeze there three adults might turn to be impossible. Fortunately, materials are better than its competitors and if you add the optional rear view camera and premium satellite navigation it becomes more than a family sedan.

2015 Ford Fusion Review

Engine wise there are a lot of options for this car. Especially good are the EcoBoost units of 1.5 and 2 liter 4 cylinder engines but these might get in the US with a bit of delay. What it will be available on launch is the 2.5 liter aspirated 4 cylinder engine that offers 175 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque. This is quite good for this car but it might surprise you with a higher than average fuel consumption as one of the solutions certainly buyers can opt for the EcoBoost units that slightly improve fuel economy numbers.

2015 Ford Fusion Back

2015 Ford Fusion Back

Hybrid And Energi

There will also be available an Energi model that will feature a 2 liter Atkinson cycle petrol engine with around 140 horsepower and an 100 horsepower electric motor. This car will offer similar performance to that of the 2.5 liter model but with a much lower fuel consumption of around 39 to 44 MPG on average! The 2015 Ford Fusion is a plug-in hybrid while the standard hybrid will bring lower electric only range but similar fuel economy.

Changes For 2015 Ford Fusion

On the exterior we will see the biggest changes. This model being based on the European car it now resembles more the Focus and the Mustang rather than anything else. It looks sharp with its LED tail lights and Xenon headlights. The Energi model is different because uses 16 inch wheel with low rolling resistance tires and enclosed front grille for better aerodynamics while the other models come as standard with 17 inch wheels and a different grille.

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion


In conclusion, the 2015 Ford Fusion is set to be a large family sedan with great interior equipment and good looks. Its only downside is the fact that the base engine is quite hungry for fuel and the more efficient hybrid is almost 5000 dollars more. All being said, the car will come on the market later this year at a base price of just over $20.000.


2015 Ford Fusion Interior

2015 Ford Fusion Interior

Competition is hard in this segment but one of the advantages that the 2015 Ford Fusion brings over the competition is the powertrain choice that we have. It will come with naturally aspirated, turbocharged EcoBoost, hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. As a result, more buyers will be buying it.

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