2015 Ferrari California T Price And Review

Since its early beginnings Ferrari models were always known as status symbols recognizable worldwide. Same goes for the new 2015 Ferrari California T model. This Ferrari grand toured comes as a two door 2+2 convertible with a hard top. Its name was derived from the nickname the old late fifties model Ferrari 250 GT had.

At this point we are still waiting to hear the official date of the release but we do expect it to be offered in the next few months. Almost certainly before the end of this year it will come to the market but this still needs to be confirmed. No matter when it comes to the market we are sure that it will be noticed.

Release Date

Ferrari California T Back

Ferrari California T Back

New California meant to be developed as a Maserati model, but because of the high price of its production it was shifted to Ferrari. It is a ground-breaking model on many levels, it represents the first Ferrari model with: front engine V8, direct petrol injection, folding hard top, dual-clutch transmission and multilink rear suspension. Not long after the promotion of new California, California T model came out and it represents top of the line California trim.

Review Of 2015 Ferrari California T

California T is not much different from the regular model, but when it comes to exterior we have some rather big updates. It comes with completely new sheet-metal construction and facelifted front, which is derived from the old F12 model look. Rear part also received some changes, although on much smaller scale, without a doubt it will be recognizable.

2015 Ferrari California T Interior

2015 Ferrari California T Interior


Interior has some changes and one of the biggest is the installation of last generation Applecart functionality that comes with new built-in infotainment system. Accept Ferrari, Apple announced that Volvo and Mercedes will also come with this functional plugin. Its infotainment system looks like some of the systems we already seen on other models that are available on the market. Seating is similar to other Ferrari models, which offers the highest note of comfort but also great support because this is a high performance model that will certainly give you a lot of pleasure when driven faster and harder. One of the things that new model came short is the luggage space. The 2015 Ferrari California T comes with a really small trunk, even for a grand tourer class but still, it is Ferrari.

2015 Ferrari California T Engine

2015 Ferrari California T Engine


When it comes to performance, we all know that T in its name stands for turbo, so it will come with new turbocharged engine. These new engine technologies will make 2015 Ferrari California T faster, more powerful and what is really important for the people who drive it in EU it will produce 15% CO2 emissions, so the registration taxes will be much lower than with earlier California models. It will come with 3,9 liter bi-turbo V8. This beast is able to produce 552 horsepower and 557 pound feet of torque making it really really fast. Acceleration from 0 to 62 mph or 100 km/h is done in 3.6 seconds while you can reach 124 mph or 200 m/h from standstill in about 11.2 seconds.

2015 Ferrari California T Price

When it comes to price, we all know it is going to be high and not many people will be able to afford and own this babe, at least if we continue writing these texts for living. The 2015 Ferrari California T won’t come for less than $1,000,000 and that’s why Ferrari is a status symbol, and that’s not going to change for a long time.

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