2015 Buick Grand National Price And Release Date

Ever since its launch back in 1984, the Buick Grand National model has managed to capture the curiosity of motoring enthusiasts with every one of its new models. Plans for the release of its Latest version, the 2015 Buick Grand National are underway and if history is anything to go by, the new versions will also turn heads with its aggressive and bold design.

The Latest Grand National will take the form of a rear wheel drive sedan; buyers interested in owning one can also look forward to an optional all-wheel drive version, which promises better traction and handling. Just like its predecessor the 2015 version will also come with a sports car appearance, and several features for sportier performance. It will provide aggressive yet refined looks and you will be easily noticed on the road.

Release Date Of 2015 Buick Grand National

The 2015 Grand National comes with a redesigned hood, which features an intelligently fused hood scoop that doesn’t hinder road visibility. Its front headlights are relatively smaller compared to other car models of the same size; however, they still do a great job despite their relatively small size and even come fitted with fog lights. This Version will have the Grand National’s characteristic massive grille plus it should also come equipped with sports alloy rims.

2015 Buick Grand National Front Side

2015 Buick Grand National Front Side


The power train will most likely be a choice of two engines; the first one is a relatively small 2.0L In-line four turbo engine capable of producing 272 Horsepower and up to 260lb/ft of Torque. The second one will be a larger more powerful 3.6 liter V6 capable of 320 to 400 Horsepower and over 370 lb/ft of torque thankfully to a twin turbo technology. For the transmission, it will have a six speed Hydromantic and an eight speed transmission for the 2.0L and the 3.6L engines respectively delivering power to the rear-wheels, or all four wheels. One of the things that we will certainly miss are the naturally aspirated engines and it would be great if Buick would decide to keep at least one of those in the lineup.

Buick Grand National Back

Buick Grand National Back


The Interior will definitely be very cozy and comfortable with lots of room for all the passengers. Upholstery and interior features will differ depending on the kind of trim you pay for. However, some of the features you can look forward to include high technology equipment like; a state-of-the-art sound system complete with satellite radio, Bluetooth and wireless internet hotspot.

2015 Buick Grand National

2015 Buick Grand National

Some of the safety features in the 2015 Buick Grand National include traction control which will be a key feature in taming the more powerful 3.6 liter engine version, other safety features include standard airbags with additional front and rear curtain airbags. There is no doubt that Buick devoted a lot of attention to this segment since it is one of the most important to buyers of new vehicles.

2015 Buick Grand National Price

This model is set for release by the end of 2014 and should be available for sale by the beginning of 2015 at a starting price of $30,000. This price is set to vary depending on your choice of trim that will determine amount of features and engine that will be delivered in 2015 Buick Grand National but we do expect it to be set to more than $30,000.

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